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A site for table-top role-playing-game fans


Come visit our blog and read about various RPG topics mainly focused on Fifth Edition.


Our forum hosts several play-by-post RPG games; it's a great way to play in between live games.


We also have a Fifth Edition SRD that is sorted by an extensive index or by topic. We're very proud of it but we're also looking for constructive criticism.


We have a wiki for RPG brainstorming and personal campaign management, however, it's private and requires approval to use.

Come hang out with us on IRC

Many of us hang out in the IRC channel #texasxtremerpg on freenode.net. IRC stands for (I)nternet (R)elay (C)hat. It's an old-school way to chat online and is completely free. Another great channel for RPG fans is #D&D on freenode.net as well.

You can either connect with an IRC client of your choice; or, you can use this handy webchat link if you are new to IRC and just want to take it for a test drive. Hexchat is a good client for someone new to IRC.

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