Texasxtreme RPG

2020-01-25: I shut down the forum as it had already had new logins disabled. It was turning into a DDoS risk in that bots were signing up with so many sessions that it was generating over 1Gb of sessions data every few days. I have backed up the SQL and the file folder and will keep it safe.

If any PCs or GMs from games that were on the forum would like deidentified data (I'll wipe the users' emails and password hashes) please contact me via IRC (lhx on freenode irc.libera.chat; I'm usually idling in #emacs and #d&d) and we'll work something out.

I'm not taking down the SRD as that's statically generated and doesn't use up any real server resources. And the Wiki is still in use by my PCs so that's staying up for the time being.