• Update to the Front Page

    It’s been a long time coming, but our front page is now re-worked to not look like a 1990s Geocities landing page. Apologies for the old site burning your retinas.

  • We have a Private Wiki

    There is now a private wiki available for rpg brainstorming and personal campaign management, mainly for #texasxtremerpg people to put down ideas in a central place. You can find it at

  • Update on the Blog

    Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile. I had some technical difficulties, and I spent most of my RPG writing time working on the SRD document that will be released shortly at our site.

  • Frostbite: 5E Cantrip

    Frostbite is one of the cantrips in the Elemental Evil adventure path of 5E. Basically, it’s a save-or-take-damage spell with no attack roll. Read on for more.

  • Friends: 5E Cantrip

    Friends is a fun little utility cantrip but it has limited uses based on a key drawback. Read on for more.

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