Looking for Players/Interest! A FATE game, world to be decided.

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Looking for Players/Interest! A FATE game, world to be decided.

Postby Hyperax » Aug 24th, '15, 01:09

So I am looking for players for a PbP FATE game in a world that has yet to be determined. I'll be posting the worlds I might be using here.

So first off, an explanation of the system I'll be using. FATE is a rules-light universal system, meaning its designed to be A) uncomplicated, and B) able to be used for basically anything. One thing I know it doesn't do well is horror, or low power situations. Your character is generally going to be heroic. On top of that all of the rules are available free online here: http://fate-srd.com/ We'll be using FATE Core, potentially with some house rules.

Anyway, on to the potential worlds! There are three, one of them is quite developed, one of them is somewhat developed, and one of them will be formed at some point, maybe even being created during the game. I'll be going into further detail about the one that's quite developed later on in the post. They are:

Liln, the world of layers! Its a world where different layers are stacked on top of each other, each one being its own world and connected to the other two. It has modern tech, maybe a bit futuristic at times, and also has magic. Its the developed one. Here's a thing I did on it a while ago:

Second is Space Karver. A world in the far future, where the stars have gone out and humanity lives with their gods in space ships. It would be very much a space game, set on the space ships themselves with the potential of going down to a cold planet at some point. There's also monsters, and great gods seeking to destroy all of humanity so they can recreate the universe.

Third is an as of yet unnamed setting, one with a few planes of existance and also home to a great game between gods, which the players would be participating in. The basic set up is that you would be ripped out of your plane of existence and deposited, along with the other PCs, in the middle of an abandoned modern day city, and told to survive and complete some tasks. As for which planes of existence you /do/ get pulled out of, I'm thinking of letting the players define that in their backstory.

In terms of what I personally want to do. The third one is something that I think would be /very/ cool, Liln would be awesome as well, and Space Karver is something I'm fine with running. First pick is number 3, second is Liln, third is Karver.

I'd like to talk to people about this, both in the IRC if you have the time or in post. Don't hesitate to ping me on IRC if you want to talk about it.

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Re: Looking for Players/Interest! A FATE game, world to be decided.

Postby lhx » Aug 24th, '15, 01:15

The unnamed setting sounds awesome!
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