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Game Thread

Postby lhx » Oct 13th, '15, 00:50

Setting: London, 1925

It's around 10:00am on a bright winter morning in December. You sit down at your desk, sort through your mail, and spot a rather ornate letter. You open it carefully and find inside an invitation reading:

"You're invited as a professional witness to the re-opening of the Black Widow's Room. Someone yet-to-be chosen will sit in the room for two hours in exchange for 25,000 pound sterling if they survive. If that someone suffers an "incident" , we would appreciate someone with your skills and abilities in attendance. Aperitifs at 6:00pm sharp December 6th [2 days from now], Dinner at 7:00pm. Attire: Black-Tie mandatory. Regrets only to Brinley at 55-12345. Your most humble host, Sir Selvin Briarsaddle, OBE"

The address on the invitation points to one of the most famous mansions in London, the LaFayette Manor, and to one of the most infamous rooms in Europe, the Black Widow Room. The room for the past 100 years has allegedly killed more than 10 people, (was it more? you can't remember) ranging from French aristocracy, to British servants. Sir Selvin Briarsaddle is also well known as an amateur detective, although his 'solve' rate is nowhere near as impressive as yours. While he views himself as your equal, you know better. You wonder how Sir Briarsaddle managed to have access to the mansion, as the room was sealed upon the death of the Black Widow herself, Mme. Margot LaFayette. He must be putting up some or all of the 25,000 pound purse. You do remember that she was one of the last surviving French royals to make it out of France without visiting the guillotine but not much else about her.

You have a lunch appointment with your detective partner at noon. You better get a move on.

What I need from you:

Describe your London flat, what you're going to wear to lunch, your sidekick's name, background, age, sex, anything particular cool or neat about the sidekick, etc.., and how you met, and where you want to eat lunch in London.

Also, describe YOU! Your name, background, age, etc... training, education, anything neat... Basically, you're a Poirot type, wealthy enough to be idle if you want to be, but not so wealthy as to be landed gentry or aristocracy.
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