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Initiative and Combat Tracker

Outside Tailor Shop Combat

Round 1

Init # Char HP Location Notes
21 Whiskey Full Hanging underneath wagon
19 Valthus Full 60' away from Wagon
16 9-fingered halfling Full 20' from Django and 30' from Wagon
12 Human Female Sword and Board Full 20' from Django and 30' from Wagon
16 Grug Full 45' South of Wagon
15 Django Full 10' from Wagon, between Wagon and halfing and woman has already spent some spell slots
14 Tailor Full 25' from Wagon Holding improvised club
13 Wagon Driver Full On wagon Pulling scimitar

Auction Site Combat

Current Round and Turn

Round: 1

Valthus's turn


Init # Char HP Location Notes
21 Whiskey On Dais next to captain and auctioneer. Readied action to strike Captain if he moves to duel.
19 Valthus Behind Guard 1, ready to sneak attack Stealthing and rolled a 19
16 9-fingered halfling Sitting on driver seat of wagon approx 30' from dais
16 Grug Standing in middle of crowd, agitating them
15 Django
14 Auctioneer On Dais Under sleep spell
9 Guard 1 On Dais Leaving
9 Guard 2 Guards 2-9 30' from dais but now leaving
9 Guard 3
9 Guard 4
9 Guard 5
9 Guard 6
9 Guard 7
9 Guard 8
9 Guard 9
6 Captain On Dais Compelled duel with Whiskey. Must make WIS save each time it attemtps to move to a space more than 30' from Whiskey. Disadvantage on attack rolls against anyone other than Whiskey. Took dodge action. Packing up to leave.
4 Parrest In wagon Just used sending stone and closing up wagon.
1 Crowd Borderline violent riot
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