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1. Sending stone paired with Luca's stone. Family heirloom of Luca. Luca expects it back.


Parrest's Mother, Ann was the local Gem Dealer in Steepost. A small but thriving business, Parrest's family had owned it for generations and had a substantial war-chest of funds to handle what could only amount to excessively large transactions. They were hoping to expand the family enough and find a good deal on more land to open another shop in a nearby town, but for now, a big warchest was useful for crazy adventurer-level hauls.

Speaking of adventurers, Parrest's father, Jeremy was one-such adventurer, coming into town with a haul of hundreds of pounds of gold coins. It was too much to carry, so he went to the local gem dealer, the shop under Ann's watch to change it for more manageable currency. That said, Jeremy was more lucky than good. His next adventure left him with two broken legs and stuck in town for a few months. He went back to Ann and changed a gem out for some gold so he could buy the things he needed around town. Sadly, Jeremy's bad adventuring never got him out of Steepost. Each time he tried, he was more injured than the last, spending years exchanging his hard-earned gems for the coinage he needed to stay alive.

Over the years however, Ann and Jeremy got to know each other very well. She would josh him about his failed adventures, and he would mystify her with the wonder that was outside of the little town where they were both essentially trapped. They fell in love and had two children, Parrest, and Lilisty.

Parrest was named by mistake, but his mother will never admit it. Ann's nervous husband was beaten and battered from going out on an adventure to try and get something special to welcome the little one into the world. As the midwife was presenting her with the baby, she was speaking to the new father in a somewhat weakened state. “Pa, rest” is what she said. The midwife took that as the baby's name and the mother was too out of it to be sure she hadn't named the baby that.

Lilisty was named more intentionally. Well, sort of. Her name never rolled off the tongue well, so it has changed each time someone new comes up with a pet name for her that is easier to say. Lilianath was her original name, and her father was proud to have successfully delivered her birth gift: a lily, which Parrest later managed to gold plate for her to celebrate her 18th birthday, a skill he was very proud of mastering.

The kids have mostly taken over the family business, but Parrest affords himself plenty of leniency in his schedule to go off on random adventures. Real life bores him and he is only really alive when solving a puzzle that is truly life or death.

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