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Welcome to TXX Wiki



This wiki is intended for:

  • collaborative world building and story telling;
  • as an alternative way to help our in-real-life games or forum-based PBP games; and
  • as an easy way to manage existing campaigns.


Please see the site's footer for the license, which is a CC-BY 4.0 International license. This wiki is intended to be open sourced material.

Other licenses or OGL Material

We would prefer that OGL Licensed material not be published on the wiki; instead, please link to outside OGL material instead of publishing it directly on the wiki. If you think an exception should apply, please contact lhx at #texasxtremerpg on freenode to discuss.

Lawful Behavior

All users agree to only put their original content on the wiki and to not infringe any third-party's copyright, rights of privacy, publicity and any applicable moral rights. All users agree to not place defamatory material, legal threats, and personal attacks on the wiki, including but not limited to no glorifying rape or sexual assault, no racist attacks, and no gender identity nor sexual orientation attacks. All users agree to indemnify and defend the wiki's owner at the user's sole cost and expense in the event the user violates this lawful behavior section. Please also read the site's Disclaimer.

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