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Steepost and Ra's Jewel

This is the placeholder for the main page for this campaign.



PC Name Level Class Race Played by
Valthus Moxtin 5 Rogue Scout Human Reborm
"Key" (Whisky in the Jar Alleyborn) 5 Paladin Oath of the Crown Tabaxi Shortsinsnow
Grug Stronghammer 5 Barbarian Ancestral Guardian Half Orc Hyperax
Parrest 5 Wizard Abjuration Rock Gnome Deltreey
Django Fleetwood 5 Bard Tiefling guy_incognito97

Private Pages


NPC Name First Met Notes
Thedius Esquiret Campaign Start Your “boss”.
Terrast Campaign Start Bulky dragonborn. Enforcer for Thedius
Luca Bootvamp Campaign Start Portly human, likely bard, advisor to Thedius


Magic Item Availability

Size of Town Availability for Purchase Price Range
Villages Maybe potions only Price per PHB
Small towns Uncommon 50–150 GP
Large towns Rare 250–750 GP
Full-sized Cities sometimes Very Rare 5,000–50,000 GP

Legendary items are going to be not available for sale at all. Very Rare items will be needles in a haystack.


There are three separate pantheons in this world, with most worshippers choosing a single pantheon. The pantheons present are the:

  1. Norse;
  2. Greek; and
  3. Egyptian

pantheons. Norse is the predominant religion of Steepost with pockets of Greek and Egyptian. Ra's Jewel is near absolute 100% Egyptian and they actively persecute worshippers of other pantheons. So, when in Ra's Jewel…



The known world is thought to be on its 9th life as proclaimed by a Tabaxi prophet who claims that this will be the last without a major reconciliation of the gods and magic. In between each age has been a major trauma or cataclysm, causing complete political upheaval and fragmentation of written history and knowledge. What knowledge of past ages that does survive is hoarded by the elite and powerful. The common folk have little more than oral tradition passed down from generation to generation. The common though is that the world is about 500 years into the 9th life after giant earthquakes and volcanoes reshaped the land, redefined political borders, and buried once shining cities under flows of lava and soot.

This is the rough WIP idea for the world map. As of now, Ra's Jewel and Steepost are at the point of the red circle. I will likely flesh out this idea more when I have time to pick Kingdoms and do a bunch of labeling.


Map of Steepost and Ra's Jewel

TODO Clean this up

[9:53 PM] lhx: Green = agriculture, Red =government and military; purple docks; blue is mercantile; yellow is religious
[9:53 PM] lhx: the rest is a mishmash of housing
[9:53 PM] reborm: Is there a central bridge linking them together?
[9:54 PM] lhx: bright purple is super rich and noble housing
[9:54 PM] lhx: No... no bridge linking; they hate each other. Will further describe
[9:54 PM] lhx: in a document later this week
[9:54 PM] reborm: I was kind of thinking that we’ve got a contact in the customs house named Carl. For some reason that’s been stuck in my head for a bit
[9:54 PM] lhx: I like that :smiley: remind me :smiley:
[9:54 PM] reborm: :thumbup::skin-tone-1:
[9:55 PM] lhx: Northern city is Steepost, with a typical DND pantheon, the southern city is Ra's Jewel, a super religious egyptian pantheon driven cultuer. The river running through is the border between two countries
[9:56 PM] reborm: So, I have a dumb character idea.... Archer - Halfling Artificer/Rogue - He’s lucky, stealthy, spy and has a gun
[9:56 PM] lhx: The buildings drwan are the major landmarks, I need to go through and draw in the small stuff. But those buildings drawn are like giant temples and castles. THe vast majority of buildings would be small dots on the map this scale. These are BIG cities.



  1. Place Chelktar on the map. Across the ocean.
  2. Place Abydos on the map. Same kingdom as Ra's Jewel.
  3. Place Cimmeria on the map. Kingdom undecided.
  4. Place Esquiret's Lumber Yard on the Steepost map
  5. Place Your “HQ” on the Steepost Map.
  6. Add demographic info on the world.
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