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Out of the Abyss (Charles, Chris, Dave) Mainpage


Player Race Class Level PC's Name
Dave Gnome Wizard 3 Flink Shortsparks
Charles Half Elf Bard 3 Ferro Maljin and his delusional clavier, “Conky”
Chris Half Orc Monk 3 Hondo Demascar

From the DM: I know I'm butchering the spelling, feel free to edit and correct.

Notable Inventory


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Name Race First Encountered
Derendil Quaggoth Velkynvelve Polymorphed elvish prince
Buppido Derro Velkynvelve Hasn't revealed too much about himself yet
Shuushar Kuo Toa Velkynvelve Fish man; pacifist.
Topsy Svirfneblin (deep gnome) Velkynvelve One of a set of Twins. Dead from falling in sinkhole.
Turvy Svirfneblin (deep gnome) Velkynvelve One of a set of Twins. Dead from falling in sinkhole.
Sarith Drow (dark elf) Velkynvelve Imprisoned with you; thought to have killed a noble. Died by falling of a cliff in Session 2
Eldeth Dwarf Velkynvelve
Jimjar Svirfneblin (deep gnome) Velkynvelve Gambler; sneak attacky. Seems like a good guy.
Stool Myconid Sprout (little mushroom man) Velkynvelve Communicates telepathically; wants to get home to Neverlight Grove
Ront Orc Velkynvelve Brash; crude. Likes to start fights.
Ilvara Mizzrym Drow Priestess of Lolth Velkynvelve Head evil person so far; was your prison warden and head of Velkynvelve. Has the scary tentacle rod.
Brad Kuo Toa Outside Sloobloodop They beheaded this fish man and made an example out of him.
Ploopploopeen “Ploop” Kuo Toa Archpriest Sloobloodop Archpriest of Seat Mother. Party helps him out against his daughter Blopp. Unknown whether alive or dead; was facing Demogorgon pretty much alone as the party fled.
Bloppblipodd “Blopp” Kuo Toa Archpriest Sloobloodop Archpriestess of Deep Father; Deep Father turned out to be Demogorgon! Dead; used her dying breath to call forth Demogorgon from the area.

Session Recaps

1 --- Prisoners in Velkynvelve

The party was captured by the drow and ended up in the slave pen. The party tried to engineer a fight in the slave pen and the guards just shot through the bars of the gate without opening it.

Flink managed to mage hand the key to the gate, on one of his excusions, and secreted it back with him to the cave. They managed to open the cage, and distract the guards, arm themselves, recover their precious items, and then made an escape for it. They are heading out the Western passage with the other NPCs in tow.

As they were making their escape some weird demons burst into the cavern and they had to fight one and defeated it. They never really got involved with the giant spiders or anything in the spider webs.

2 --- Fleeing Velkynvelve and Sloobloodop, 04/21/2017

The party consisted of

  1. Fero Maljin
  2. Flink Shortsparks
  3. Hondo Demascar
  4. Derendil
  5. Buppido
  6. Shuushar
  7. Topsy
  8. Turvy
  9. Sarith
  10. Eldeth
  11. Jimjar
  12. Stool
  13. Ront

and they fled out the NW tunnel from Velkynvelve. Topsy and Turvy fell into a sinkhole and died.

The party encountered a very high ledge and everyone made it across except for Sarith who fell in and was impaled on a stalagmite.

On the 7th day, they were attacked by some kuo toa, and the party repelled the attack, severed the head of “Brad”, and then ran into a friendly faction of Kuo Toa. Plooploopleen recruited the party to act as “bait” for a sacrifical ritual and paid with a healing potion up front.

During the ritual a giant attack happened, with Ploop striking and killing his daughter Blopp. With her death wail calling out to “Leeeemogogooon”, the water in the lake started frothing and out of the water came Demogorgon. Flink and Hondo knew what it was, Maljin was clueless.

The party escaped with 3 boats heading north while hugging the shoreline of the Darklake. Flink was under a madness effect for a nother few minutes I believe as well.

The party also leveled up to level 3 (at their next long rest).

3 --- Janury 27, 2018

Party started out in the boats with Flink babbling for 9 minutes. Hemeth was a newcomer to their group; the dark dwarf that was a soon-to-be-sacrifice at Sloobloodop.

They spent several days on their boats navigating the darklake, and ran aground on a sand bar. 4 Merrow attackd, and they killed 3 and one fled.

They made it to the dock district of Gracklstugh and managed to make it to the tavern. They learned that “Ylsa” a caravan master is likely one of their best shots at information on how to get back to the surface. They also traded a fancy headdress for some studded leather armor for Faro.

They then exited the shop and encountered a rampaging giant with 2 heads, which they fought. Hondo put it down with an arrow. This caught the attention of another giant and they were escorted to go see Stonespeaker Hraam. They met, and he gave a convoluted poem-like saying:

Something evil stirs in the Underdark. The rock itself cries in pain and horror, and a madness Creeps from the blackest depths. Pay heed to the signs surrounding you. A cave with two faces. Rock devoured, and the land overgrown. The pebble belleves itselmesh. The earth rejects its wards, and the tunnels shake in fury. By these portents, you shall know ofevil's presence and of evil's face. This is what the stones tell me.

He also gave the party a stonespeaker crystal about 6 inches long that looks like a river rock, but if you tap it, temporarily turns into a beautiful crystal. Faro is holding this now.

As they left the giant area, the Stone Guards escorted them back to their HQ, Overlake Hold, and the party met Captain Errde Blackskull, commander of the Stone Guard. She gave a mission to find a derro named Droki that lives in the West Cleft District. Follow him, see what he does, where he goes, and report back. Or if you see an opportunity, seize him and either bring him in for questioning or kill him and bring back proof of his activities. She's worried his activities involve conspiracy in the Council of Savants or possibly even the Clan Lairds. Errde swears that she will arrange safe passage out of Gracklstugh if they do as she asks.

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