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Lost Mine of Phandelver (Chris & Travis on Roll20)


Session Recaps

Session 1

Cart, goblin ambush, first half of Cragmaw Hideout. Killed Yeemik, rescued Sildar.

Session 2

Killed Yeemik. Found Coster Lionshield crates. Found Klarg's loot. Hadlios left, Gronk in a coma / dead, and Ryner appears out of the waterfall, and the new cleric comes in to join as well.

Session 3

Fire alarm session. Time in town, playing bard stuff for gold, talked to lionshield coster, dropped off cart, talked to orchard guy, went to old owl well and talked to wizard about banshee quest.

Session 4

In person session at James's house. Went to wyvern tor and killed the orcs and ogres. Went to banshee and got answer for wizard. Went to old owl well and got location of Cragmaw Castle.

Went back to town, fought redbrands in street (Saph did tiger chase thing). Went into Redbrand Hideout and tore shit up. Did NOT fight the 3 bugbears or the passing out goblin. Did not investigate chest in ravine.

Session 5

Drug the wizard body into town, got reward from Sildar. Went into the wilderness to head towards (Thundertree / Cragmaw Castle?) But did two random encounters: bunch of orcs and bunch of goblins.

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