Campaign Setting Brainstorming Template

This template is intended for a major summary document of a campaign setting. Get these details in place before hammering out the smaller ones. Please note, this current file is for the template only. Edits to this are for the template, not your original content. You would cut and paste this template into a new page for a new campaign setting.

Name of the World


Assumptions About the World

Here you would make some broad overarching theme statements. For example:

  1. Gods oversee the world
  2. Much of the world is untamed
  3. The world is ancient
  4. Conflict shapes the world's history
  5. The world is magical

General Description

This section is a snowflake section. You write a one sentence description. Then you expand that one sentence into 4-5 sentences. Then you expand each of your 4-5 sentences into another 4-5 sentences that compose a page.

  • One Sentence Description
  • One Paragraph Description
  • One Page Description



World History




For each Nation:

  • One sentence Description
  • One paragraph Description
  • One page Description
  • Economic Drivers
    • Trade
    • Commodities
    • Currency
  • Relations to Other Nations
  • Major Religion
  • Minor Religion
  • Demographcis
  • History
  • Important Locations
  • Regional Flavor

Non-nation Organizations

For each Organization:

  • Description
  • Leadership
  • Membership
  • Benefits
  • Sacrifices
  • Where located?
    • Regional?
    • Global?

Important NPCs

Magic Items

Adventure / Encounter Ideas


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