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House Rules for Tyranny of Dragons (Charles, Chris, and Travis)

  1. Allowed Varatus to use Fire Bolt to burn his way out of a net
  2. At level up, you can take the average for your HP or you can roll in front of the DM only to try and get better than the average, but once you roll, you're stuck with it.
  3. Logan is only allowed to kill a monster in the groin once per session. m(
  4. We're not going to use the DMG's optional flanking rule
  5. Casting a spell within attack range does not trigger Attack of Opportunity1)
  6. Will allow the Diplomacy Skill Feat from Unearthed Arcana.2)
  7. Lothar can have his warhammer retrofitted to have an axe blade on one end and a hammer on the other so he can switch between bludgeoning and piercing damage, but will give up the “versatile” 2 handed ability of the weapon.
  8. Dragon mask giving water breathing is not enough to use Verbal component of spells underwater.
    1. However, Jeremy Crawford says there is nothing about water per se that prevents spell casting.
Yes, this isn't technically a house rule, but we had been doing it wrong before.
I'll allow it, but for fair warning to you, I will strictly interpret the 1 minute talking rule, as well as the target needs to be able to understand you. I.e. middle of combat it's not going to fly, and talking to a monster that doesn't speak common etc it's never going to work. I'm also going to be strict about the difference between Persuasion and Deception / Intimidation / Performance. You can only use this on Persuasion, where you're trying to “attempt to influence someone or a group of people with tact, social graces, or good nature.” See page 179 PHB. However, without spoiling anything, there will be more instances in the adventure where Persuasion will play a role, particularly in the level 8+ tentative plan I have for you guys, and I won't design encounters away from persuasion just because you have a nice roll for it.
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