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Lothar Hammerfist


Growing up in a small village south of Griffon's Nest, I grew up doing what any respectable dwarf does, drink and dabble with the earth. Many of the local families were exceptional miners, but the Hammerfist's have a history of cutting gems of a quality rivaled only by the master cutters of old. By the time I turned 35, I had tired of jewelcrafting and decided to leave the family business to become a brewer. A few seasons went by, as did many kegs of ale, but I always felt like it wasn't enough.

At the age of 40, a clan of Orcish warriors came and sacked our village. All who tried to fight were brutally slaughtered, including my family. I sought revenge, though sadly it was to never come to pass. The warriors of Helm destroyed their ranks in the next town. The cleric's came to check for survivors and help those in need. In that moment, I knew that I owed Helm a debt that I could never repay, that I must spend the rest of my days pleading for his grace and mercy.

I spent a year fashioning what I hoped would be a sufficient holy symbol to gain entry in the ranks of the order. It was the perfect hammer gripped by a clenched dwarven fist to pay tribute to my fallen family. The order had me engrave the staring eye(that I used a green emerald for) on the gauntlet to pay tribute to my lord. Seven years later, and after many, many nights of study, and much ale, my training was complete and I was allowed to emblazon my holy symbol onto a great and mighty shield. Going out into the world, no staff, axe or sword would do. Nay, only a greathammer for a Hammerfist to smite the enemies of Helm.

Going out into the world, I spent my next few years doing jobs as I could to earn my way before finally joining the Jeweler & Gemcutter's Guild. I always made sure to get the best prices or walk away. When I saw someone in need that truly deserved it, I helped them in what way I could.

Later, I was recruited by the Lord's Alliance. Though initially recruited to heal the sick and injured, I was found to be a more than competent warrior, especially in a fit of rage against orc opponents. The alliance gave me additional combat training in case they need call on my services once more.

Years in the Order

The Cleric's of Helm acquired a love of the Hammerfist Ale. Luckily, the local farms tithed regularly to the temple to provide supplies for my hobby. I also helped fashion holy symbols for many of my brethren, as a jewel crafter, I had a special talent many of the order envied. Though jewelcrafting was no longer my passion, I still did my very best to honor the Hammerfist legacy.

My first years were spent learning about Helm and what he stands for. Later I became adept at channeling the divine power of my diety. My goal is to eventually become an Everwatch Knight.

Guild Artisan

Though I once grew weary of the craft of my family, I found that adventuring is an expensive occupation, and as such, though I had no desire, this was the easiest way to fund my travels. While on a Pilgrimage to Helm's Hold, I met up with a Guild Master from the Jeweler & Gemcutters Guild. Due to learning the skills of my trade growing up, I was able to bypass the apprentice & journeyman stages to become a master artisan(after sufficient testing of course).


Thelrum the outcast was from a family of dwarves whose name and title were stripped from them hundreds of years ago. He spoke little of this to Lothar as he did not wish to bring his family's shame to his only son. He met Lesslyn trying to sell gems he mined. She showed him the proper way to remove the gem from the earth without damaging the gems. After many months, their friendship slowly blossomed into romance.

Lesslyn Hammerfist was the daughter of Garmek Hammerfist, from a line of Master Jeweler & Gemcutter's associated with a guild of the same name. Many year's before Lothar was born, she had a falling out with her brother Murdir Hammerfist because she fell in love with a dwarf from a disgraced family. He felt that Thelrum only wanted to use her to regain a name he never had. After this falling out, Thelrum left and they never spoke again.

Garmek Hammerfist held reservations about the outcast Thelrum, but after watching him with his daughter, he agreed to allow them to marry, and give him the Hammerfist name. Lesslyn had been teaching Thelrum jewelcrafting. While no master artisan, he could shape something presentable. While showing Garmek the necklace he had made for Lesslyn, Garmek laughed and said he could never let her wear something so foul. Lesslyn, who had been eavesdropping nearby burst open the door and gave her father a piece of her mind. She loved the necklace, imperfections and all. It reminded her of the hardships that Thelrum had endured, his commitment to honoring his new family's craft, and that imperfection can be perfect. The village priest wed them in a small ceremony the next day.


Entry 1 - Return to Waterdeep

That damned elf has been reading and writing in his books for hours as we sleep each night in our travels. After the events of the last few days/weeks I think he may be on to something.

Ghost Army

Dragon Cult

Giant Frog People (their booze is horrible)

Black Dragon

Cloud Giant

White Dragon (Good thing that dumb oaf didn't see my shield. That could have been bad)

At least there was treasure to be had.

And then there was Lenny. He was a good mule. I hated to leave him in Phlan.

After that dumb gnome Jamna crashed the Sky Castle, my companions Carlon, Varatas & Logan teleported back to the Elthrai compound (ya know, I need to ask that elf why he calls himself Sunweaver). That's where I found out I somehow have a living relative. Uncle Murdir Hammerfist, from my mother's side. It's funny, she never mentioned him growing up. I'm still unsure if I should believe him. He drinks like a Hammerfist. Matched me drink for drink. We are supposed to look from an ancient hammer called Whelm that belongs to our line. We shall see how that turns out.

While gathering supplies for our next adventure, I obtained a weapon similar to what I had been dreaming of for weeks. A hammer on one side and an axe on the other. I may try to engrave it later to bring it up to Dwarven standards, but I shall call it Lothar's wrath. One thing I look forward to tomorrow is watching mister sensitive empty his stomach when we teleport across the vast distance to our next destination. When we return from this adventure I plan to spend a week brewing something new I've concocted. For now, it's time to rest.

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