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NPCs Met

Can you guys help me fill in NPCs met from the past sessions that I don't have up here?

Name Description When
Freona & 5 daughters Halfling owner of Madame Freona's Tea Kettle Session 1
Nameless Half elf The Harper that gave the fake dragon egg quest Session 1
Chaab The military man dressed in black imprisoned with the goblins along with the bog farmers Session 1
Various NPCs The various NPCs in the lightning dragon tooth encounter Session 1
Valnorin Half Blind half-elf librarian Lord Sage of the Library Session 1.5
Chifft Main librarian dealing with Varatas in his studies, likes donations Session 1.5
“Fat Mar” Waiter at the Laughing Goblin Session 2
Keria Female mercenary who had information on Sokol Keep Session 2
Thirius Dockworker upset at Keria (started brawl) Session 2
3 humans with ink-stained hands You didn't get their names; were at bar with brawl. Session 2
Welby and Grent 2 halfling merchants that spoke to Logan about shipping Session 2
Sergeant Hurn blackfist drunk guy at the docks Session 2
Liela Admin assistant, super OCD / AR, works for House Sokol in the docks Session 2
Karst Ferryman Session 2
Darvag, Shandra, Rorin Groundskeepers / housekeepers for Sokol Keep Session 2
Doomguide Yovir Priest of Kelemvor in the Graveyard Session 3
“Jerry” Southern oil-man sounding Lord's Alliance member at the fancy restaurant Session 3
Blackfist knight older lady1) Was the investigating knight on the crazy man “Yip” Session 3
Medical Gnome guy2) Only Varatas met him, did the bone analysis Session 3
Merchant and Son on road3) that you guys helped fix an axle Session 3
Crazy guy on island4) the guy that was on the island that disappeared Session 3
Elisande 12 year old girl with heavy carib accent, likes the party Session 3
Warrsh Ferryman, spellcaster, misty-stepped away towards the dock / landing and took ferry to mainland Session 3
Brother Markus Priest of Tymora that welcomed Logan to the fold; is offering commissions on conversions Session 4
Mustached Man in Baths Powerful merchant that sparred with Varatus in baths Session 4
Carlon Ammofel Guy found buried to his head in the road; Harper. Tracking dragon cult loot Session 7
Snapjaw Lizardfolk from the campsite, speaks draconic and pidgin common Session 8
“Lenny” Lizardfolk from Castle Narytar camp, speaks like Lenny in draconic Session 8
Dwarven Cook “Tharm” Dwarven cook in Castle Narytar. Captain Morgan'ing in an apron only Session 8
Talis the White Half elf in hunting lodge giving task to discredit rezmir Session 9
Capt. Othelstan Black human in parnast, shows them the wyverns Session 9

NPCs Deceased

Grim Blackfist Guard that stood trial for murder of Igan Sokol and was hung from river bridge Session 2
Various Island People Crones and chief Session 3
Ixas Dragon Cult leader from the boat; killed before interrogation Session 4
Pharblex Splattergoo Shamanistic spellcasting bullywug in Castle Narytar's dungeon Session 8
Jamna Gnome wearing black; revealed she's working for the Zhentarim; killed by Blagothkus for ruining steering gems Session 6
Red wizard that traveled with you on caravan Killed in Skyreach castle Session ?
1) , 2) , 3)
Come fill in real name
Come fill in real name if and when party learns it.
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