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Session Zero Info

Character formation

You'll each be starting at level 1.

Races not allowed: drow, deep gnome, duergar, flying tiefling. This is for setting purposes as the first three are reviled on the surface world, and the flying tiefling is a broken rule that likely some intern screwed up when writing one of the later rule books. If you're wanting to use one of the races not in the Player's handbook, please ask first as it may or may not fit the setting / story I have planned.

Ability points are according to the standard array of 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8 OR you can use the 27 point buy that's described in the Player's Handbook or the Free Rules. No rolling for ability points please.

Please don't plan on multiclassing. It makes the rules easier to follow.

Make sure to do your ideals, flaws, and bonds for the roleplaying parts.

Good and Neutral alignments only, no evil characters please.

If you pick human as a race, the optional feat rule IS allowed if you want to use it.

Free blank character sheets are available at Wizards website, as well as example pre-gen characters at these links:

  blank character sheets
  pre-gen characters 

It will just be the three of your PCs

So the three of you need to talk about getting a good mix of melee versus magic users in your class. There needs to be at least 1 of you as a magic type like a wizard, sorcerer, warlock, wizard, druid, cleric. There also needs to be at least one melee type class like a fighter, barbarian, ranger, cleric, paladin. The third can be anything. Ask me for help with your character!

Text me or email me at jrm@lawjrm.com with any questions, or if you want me to take a look at your sheet so far. Heck, give me a call too if you want to talk. There are no stupid questions and Charles will vouch that I'll help with the character sheets and the math. In reality, it looks way more intimidating at the beginning than it really is. So don't stress about it.


We're using the Fifth Edition Rules. If you were wanting to buy a phyiscal rule book, here is what it looks like: amazon link. I'll have one at the table and Charles will have one too. They're about $50 if you buy them at a comic book store in person. However, if you don't want to spend that money, you can download the free basic rules in PDF at this link: here.

The basic rules have limited spells and character classes only go up to level 5 I think. But they're entirely free.

Most of the other books are intended for the Dungeon Master, although if you are into collecting stuff (I am), the Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide and Volo's Guide to Monsters are joint player and DM Material. The SCAG isn't worth in-store retail price so be sure to get it from Amazon if you are (again, you don't need it to play).

Stuff to Bring

If you want to buy a mini for your character (you don't have to, I have plenty I'm bringing) you can usually find them at comic book stores for $2-10 a piece. You want to buy “Reaper” minis that you can see before you buy. Don't buy the DND branded minis that are more like trading cards and you don't know what you'll get before you open them. Those are a rip off. Some stores don't sell Reaper. Don't buy minis from those stores. That said, I have a large collection of standard fantasy trope minis and you're more than welcome to borrow one for the game. :)

I also have more dice than I know what to do with, so don't worry about buying dice. (I'd be happy to give you some dice you can keep for free).

Bring a legal pad and a couple pencils.

Charles said someone was using an app for the character; I tend to not like them as they are usually harder to use than the paper character sheet (5E is super streamlined compared to older rules that maybe needed the apps). So don't get feelings hurt if I veto the app if it's taking too long to use or if it's not doing the math right. (If it's working fine, then no worries!)

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